Moving Past the Pain

Overcoming trauma and living with authenticity is the goal and we can do it!

I am well aware of the suffering in our world -I know through intentional work, each of us can live stronger, healthier and better lives. It starts with the intention.
“Every day, starting today, I will work to overcome my pain.”

As you do, you’ll help others to do the same. We reverse the ripple effect of pain, trauma and hate with health, strength and love. While I’m able to work directly with a limited number of clients at a time, I offer various online services. I invite you to come along with me to start moving past your pain today.

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Work with me.

As a licensed holistic psychotherapist and trauma therapist I use a combination of holistic healing therapies:

Holistic Psychotherapy – I guide my clients to wellness of the whole person through strength-based, client-centered, solution-focused, cognitive behavioral therapy.

Meditation – Research based science proves the efficacy of meditation with issues including but not limited to – depression, anxiety, panic attacks, trauma, abuse, ADD, addiction, grief, self esteem, eating disorders and more.

Yoga – As a certified Yoga teacher, I couple therapy with yogic techniques for those interested clients. Yoga as a part of a holistically healthy lifestyle has been proven to be therapeutic.

BWRT – Brain work recursive therapy is a life changing therapy designed to quickly and permanently change the way your brain reacts to certain stressors. The goal is to reduce or end the stress, trauma response, fear or negative behavior that the stressor triggers

Trauma Therapy – Helping to process traumatic events and gain beneficial coping mechanisms to assist with reducing the pain of trauma response, triggers and symptoms.

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I work with audiences large and small to explore trauma and inspire them to true health and wellbeing.

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