Yes, you can heal. You can thrive!

Healing Therapies with Holistic Psychotherapist: Keicia Noelle Hare

The Healing Power of Holistic Psychotherapy

“The wound itself is bad. But the ongoing effect of trauma in our lives ripples out, wider and wider in ways we don’t even fully realize. Time isn’t the healer we’ve been led to believe it is – But you are.

Given the right tools you can not only heal your wounds, but experience the transformative joy of stepping into your own strength. You can heal. You can thrive. And my life’s work is to help you do just that.”

Heal Yourself. Heal Your Life.

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The road to recovery

is the road to the life you’ve always wanted to live.

Healing is not a task, but a way of life. As a thought leader, public speaker and therapist, I have learned to uniquely engage people and help them begin their journey to true healing and vitality. Contact me to speak at your events, lead your corporate wellness activities and offer meaningful paths of engagement for audiences of all sizes and backgrounds. I specialize in recovery, abuse, trauma, and anxiety and depression.

What clients say

Keicia directly targets and brings to awareness your underlining emotional issues with humor, tact, and a non-judgmental work ethic. Within the first 10 mins of our interaction, I felt relaxed, poised, and hopeful. Keicia effectively helped me emotionally manage my stress from a hostile work environment situation. I was facing an aggressive wrongful employee termination process and could not endure the stress to address the false claims legally. Using the technique of BWRT, Keicia helped me to deeply release all stress symptoms within 45 mins of our 90 min initial consultation. In the following days, I felt calm and in control to self-advocate and bring greater harmony to my workplace.​
I have found BWRT to be remarkable! The change is instant, palpable and then you see the change play out as you leave the session and interact in the world with the new BWRT shifted way – so goood. I feel that Keicia’s unique wisdom, study and skills help make her sessions with this impressive BWRT technique especially potent and transformational. Each time I have a BWRT session with Keicia it has been a deeply healing experience. I highly recommend Keicia and this wonderful technique – it works and it works WONDERS !! Together they are an unmatchable team of masterful help in our healing journeys.
Certain sad memories and remembered visions remain in the minds of those who have gone through the very difficult hospice process with a loved one. This was my case, as my brother, John, transitioned in January ’15, from hospice care. In sitting with Keicia and receiving the BWRT process, those horrific mind pictures/and the emotions they evoke were replaced with a preferred response to the situation. My emotions have balanced. Thank you, Keicia, and thank you, God, for giving me my brother, allowing me to be with him in the end, and helping me to accept his transitioning. Awesome!