Keicia Noelle Hare, LMHC

We all have a story. Mine brought me here. With you.

Positive for a Purpose.

I’m a holistic psychotherapist, guiding my clients to wellness through an eclectic mix of healing tools. I create a personalized therapeutic experience for each client based on their personality, issues, beliefs, history, life challenges and goals. I have successfully treated addiction, depression, compulsive behaviors, problems with attention (ADD, ADHD), anxiety, grief, abuse, trauma, emotional eating, poor self-esteem, career changes, life transitions, relationship issues, and more.

Life Half Empty or Half Full? For me, FULL. All the way to the brim.

I’m a passionate person with a wide range of interests, which probably explains how a successful full-figure model becomes a psychotherapist with deep clinical experience and training, while creating upbeat psychotherapy techniques on Youtube, Patreon videos and social media. I love my work, just as I love being a mother, wife, friend, intuitive, student of life and so, so, so many other things. But don’t think my life is an instagram moment or some #bestlife promo. I had to heal from my own trauma. I am always on the journey of healing and won’t ever stop. Nor should you.

My own healing informs my work with my clients.

It never ceases to amaze me that my own struggle to overcome trauma and heal helped define the work I do with my clients every day. I am not aloof, sitting in a chair, listening to you on a couch. I’m here, eye-to-eye, empowering you. While I don’t share my story often, it is there, part of my lived experience that fills me with insight and compassion, and I’m convinced, helping me be the best guide I can be for each of my treasured clients.

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