You Can Heal From Trauma; Here Are Some Resources That Will Help

Many of the subjects I touch upon in my blogs, like meditation, trauma, abuse, holistic psychotherapy, and the law of attraction, are expanded in-depth on my Youtube channel. What I discuss in my Youtube videos aligns with the healing and curated resources on my Patreon. I update my videos every other week with various subjects and topics that I use in my therapy practice to help my patients, subscribers on Instagram, followers on social media, and patrons on Patreon recover from trauma and live their most positive lives. I will keep you posted on the researched and proven effective ways I help my patients heal and commune with their bliss. Allowing you to find some of the peaceful zen that I’ve been able to attract is the greatest gift I can give. I want to make sure you have all the information and resources to move forward in therapy and healing. 

I use my channel as one resource that is accessible to everyone to expand on my message of psychotherapy, trauma therapy, talk therapy, natural medicine, and positive psychology. So what does it mean to live a full, happy and healthy life and harness the power you have inside? There are so many different ways you can do this, and I want you to raise your vibration, so I made a video that showcases some ways to do this that I have used with my patients in my therapy practice. 

Before you go, I have one more question: have you had a chance to get your meditation on today?

That’s okay! I love passing my love of meditation on to my patients, patrons, and subscribers. That’s because meditation has had such a positive impact on my own life. You can check out my five and 10-minute meditations through my Patreon page, another resource that I provide online. I release two new ones a week just for subscribers. Patreon gives my subscribers special perks, including access to my meditations and more of my insights into psychotherapy and how that manifests in an active meditation practice.

Sit with me; let’s meditate together.

I want to address cases where meditation may be right for you or is otherwise triggering. In that case, I utilize many other resources and use a unique mix of researched therapy tools with my patients based on their specific, individualized needs. 

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Mediation is a game changer! Download your Free Guide to Meditation with Keicia Today.

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