Taking Your Life Back After Trauma

Trauma is a stressful event. Any stressful event shatters your sense of safety and security.

Trauma can happen to anyone at any time and it has  long-lasting effects on the mind, body, heart, spirit, and soul. It can be a one-time event or ongoing stress like living somewhere where there is chronic longtime abuse and violence. 

Trauma can make you feel like you live in a very dangerous world. 

Even when the trauma is over and done, the effects are not. PTSD stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and there can be triggers that bring that trauma back, causing your mind and body to experience the traumatic event all over again. You may leave your body and disassociate, feel angry, sad, or out of control or be hyper-vigilant, always prepared for the danger to return and rarely able to relax. If you are an abuse survivor, you may be experiencing low self-esteem, which is typical for individuals who experience narcissistic abuse. 

We can heal from trauma and recover fully.

You can start the healing process and learn to relax, live in the present, and enjoy your life. 

The first step is recognizing the triggers. This isn’t easy because it’s tough to know you are being triggered as it’s happening. This is where therapy is a tool that will allow you to be able to figure out what these triggers are in the safety of a professional. Figuring out your triggers with a therapist will make you feel more in control. 

Once you figure out the triggers, the second step is figuring out how to heal. Here are some practical ways to do this, called grounding techniques. 

  • Touch: grab a beverage glass, touch it, notice how it feels, and its texture. Texture can really ground you. Give yourself a hug or lift your arms above your head and do a gentle stretch. When you put them back down, it resets the body. Stretching releases endorphins 
  • Breathe: deep breathing can be very therapeutic; as you bring that oxygen into your lungs, you can breathe in new air and release the trauma. 
  • Journal: write down your feelings. Even if you don’t have a therapist yet, you can still do this and unpack your triggers through what you write. You can always share your writing with a therapist later. 
  • Visualization: picture your feet going into the center of the earth, shoot lasers from your feet and into the center of the earth. That is visually grounding. 
  • Move: go for a walk outside; that is grounding. 

 BWRT, which stands for Brainwork Recursive Therapy is the number one trauma healing tool that I use in my psychotherapy private practice.  BWRT is a way to remap your brain and take away the emotional pain of the trauma.  It is EXTRAORDINARY. BWRT helped to heal me from years of abuse and trauma. And that is why I use this tool every day with my clients.  BWRT is a powerful tool that changes lives for the better. 

You can heal trauma.  Trauma is particularly painful because it can cause ongoing suffering –   emotional, mental ,physical and spiritual pain. The good news is you do not have to continue to suffer from trauma. There are  many different therapy tools to help you recover and I will post more Youtube videos on trauma soon. 

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