A Moment Of Meditation Can Change Your Life

One way to change and heal your brain is to practice slowing down and being still. Meditation is an excellent way to allow more positivity in your life. You will have room for more positive thoughts by clearing your mind. Meditation doesn’t need to take much time, and you can try replacing the scrolling on social media with a few moments of meditation. I talk about meditation on my Youtube channel. I also have a meditation subscription service on Patreon where I regularly curate original, guided meditations. More about that later!

Positive thoughts lead to positive habits; positive habits lead to a happy life. 

Meditation is the natural medicine that will change your life. One important part of my morning ritual that I recommend for everyone is meditation. Morning meditation is a beautiful experience that will change your day and life. Starting the day with the kind of clarity that meditation provides is priceless. Meditation changes the way you see things, and meditation changes how you see yourself. Meditation has a calming effect, grounds you, and gives you peace. 

If you want to tune your mind to focus on positivity and peace, cultivate inner bliss and even find your purpose, meditation is a great way to help you get there. It’s basically like cleansing/ showering your mind because you drop all the thoughts and information you don’t need. You shower your body daily, so why not cleanse your mind regularly? 

I started meditating 25 years ago, and it helped me heal a lifetime of trauma, neglect, abandonment, and abuse. That trauma led me to addiction problems and toxic relationships. I wanted to understand why I could not stop choosing to suffer and why I was in a pattern of unhappiness. The combination of Therapy and Meditation helped me to understand myself and heal.  

Meditation can give you clarity on your life and your choices. 

Wherever You Go, There You Are was my first meditation book. There are so many excellent books and resources about meditation.

I have my own online guided meditations on Patreon – called Meditation with Keicia Noelle. These meditations I have created are easy to access and a great way to start a meditation practice. I also created healing wisdom – to supplement the meditations. Education is power. Meditation has helped me heal in many ways, and I’ve witnessed its power in healing my patients. Meditation allowed me to listen to my inner truth, clear the noise, and figure out my life’s purpose and goals; meditation has allowed me to grow into who I am today. I deeply honor, respect, and love meditation, and I am so grateful for it. 

Patreon is a subscription service where I create biweekly meditations and other resources that you can access at your leisure and get your meditation practice started. The five-minute meditations offer a daily dose of peace, healing, and wellness; they are great for when you’re on the go, providing a quick refresh for your mind. I also do a 15-minute meditation so that you can immerse yourself. Those are my favorites! 

The perfect way to meditate is imperfect. 

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Mediation is a game changer! Download your Free Guide to Meditation with Keicia Today.

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