Changing The Brain

Your brain is the most complex organ you have, full of everything you have ever experienced; every memory affects how you process, feel and react. If you have suffered emotional abuse, that abuse lives in your brain and changes your beliefs. What you experience changes you, and you can’t erase it, but you can move forward and heal. 

So how do you change your brain?

I’ve talked to you about manifesting what you want through the power of attraction. That means creating intentions and surrounding yourself with positive people and experiences so that you manifest positivity in your own life. That can mean working through experiences you’ve had using cognitive behavioral therapy, talk therapy, or trauma therapy to move forward and heal. 

As a psychotherapist, I work with my patients using a combination of the above therapies based on their unique circumstances. I help my patients process the experiences and various traumas that they have had, understand their triggers, and lead them towards healing. 

You can change your brain based on what you do. 

One of my favorite teachers is Wayne Dyer. He has passed away, but his messages live on. Wayne said, “Change your thoughts, change your life.” That is the power you have within; you can change your thoughts and life. 

There is a step in between; I am a cognitive behavioral therapist and teach my patients that to change your thoughts, you have to change your behavior and lifestyle. We must take in the positive and leave out the negative because our brains get mapped in either direction. 

Living a negative life will lead to the opposite, hate, unhappiness, and disease. Negative people have more diseases; they just do. The mind, body, heart, soul, and spirit are connected. So how do we heal from trauma and past negative experiences and change the course of our lives?

Much of what happens in life is because of your subconscious mind. Sometimes it’s hard to know what is driving your behavior. Everything you do, see, hear and surround yourself with affects your brain. Your brain changes according to what you take into it, which means everything: every time you hear something new, see something, read something, or spend time with people. That phenomenon is called neuroplasticity. 

You will change your self and your life if you raise your vibration and follow your bliss. So what does raising your vibration mean? First of all, I’ve been working on raising my vibration for the past twenty-five years. It’s a continual and evolving process because the world is on fire, let’s face it. The world has always been on fire; there will always be negativity, conflict, and war. We can help by raising our vibrations. If we all raise our vibrations, we can raise the world’s vibration and pay our positivity forward. 

When you heal yourself, you heal the world. 

A high vibration is:

  •  Love
  • Light
  • Joy
  • Love
  • Goodness
  • Peace
  • Health
  • Gratitude
  • Hope
  • Faith

 A high vibration is a vibration of happiness. Your vibration can shift when you put positive energy into your life, and your vibration can also shift when you work through your problems and feel your feelings. Heal yourself and heal your life – that is also how you raise your vibration. 

What you think, speak, feel, and behave are part of your vibration. Positive psychology is the study of living a happy, positive life. I love positive psychology and use it with my clients in private practice. It is possible to achieve and live a happy, healthy, fun life. 

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