Breathing, Meditating, Moving

Breathing Techniques

In the Yogic tradition, breathing techniques called Pranayama are natural medicine for healing us. Breathwork can help you address mental health conditions like anxiety, frustration, trauma, and anger. The mind always follows the breath. When people are angry, scared, or anxious, their breathing gets shallow and quick. You can calm your anger, decrease your anxiety and even heal a trauma response with specific breathing techniques. It’s pretty amazing, actually, and super helpful to control and heal yourself, your emotions, and your mental state. That is called self-mastery.  


Another mental health tool that research has proven is powerful is a daily meditation practice. A daily meditation practice is powerful natural medicine. Meditation can help heal many mental health challenges, including but not limited to – depression, anxiety, postpartum depression, anger issues, post-traumatic stress disorder, complex post-traumatic stress disorder, low self-esteem, and more!  

Exercise is a very powerful natural medicine.   

Exercise is the number one anti-depression, anti-anxiety natural medicine tool available. Movement gives you dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin (the happy hormone). You don’t even need a gym; you can go outside or find exercise videos online. 

Sunshine is an incredible natural medicine for anxiety and depression

The sun gives you vitamin D, which helps us create serotonin, which increases happiness, peace, and vitality and combats depression and anxiety. I speak more about the benefits of sunshine on Youtube

I have created a youtube channel where I create regular content to dive deeper into specific topics and give you tools, inspiration, education, and motivation to heal – mind, body and spirit. Please subscribe.  

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